Twitter Service for Remembrance Day


A twitter service is to be held on Twitter to commemorate and to raise awareness for Remembrance Day

Volunteers will hold Remembrance Day services this Friday and Sunday on Twitter for the first time.

The two services will start at 10.15 and a two minute silence will be held at 11.11 when no tweeting will be allowed.

Poppy Tweet

Tweet Remembrance is run entirely by volunteers and is aimed at combining the elements of prayer and worship with a digital approach for people who cannot normally attend or would not normally do so.

The service aims to raise both awareness and funds for the Royal British Legion, Peace Pledge Union and similar organisations and people of any faith are welcome.

Readings, hymns, contributions from veterans and the names of those who gave their lives will be included in tweets and Tweet Remembrance appears on Twitter as @Poppy_Tweet.

“I came up with the idea on Wednesday night. I wondered if there was going to be a two-minute silence on Twitter and then thought, why not have an entire service on there?”, James Thomas, founder of Tweet Remembrance said, “It’s a chance to engage with people who would otherwise not be, for whatever reason. Not everyone is able to go to a church and it’s an alternative to watching it on television. It’s also just to see if it works.”

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are now used by more than half of British adults and were used to clean up affected areas of the UK following the riots in August.

However Westminster Abbey wasn’t so keen on the micro-blogging service being used at another national event, when signal blocking technology was used to stop Twitter being used during the Royal Wedding in August.

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