Google Set To Release Touchscreen Chromebook – Report

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A touchscreen Chromebook could be unveiled this Thursday as Google continues to push Chrome OS

Google has developed the first touchscreen Chromebook and will release the laptop later this year, according to a report.

There is no information regarding which manufacturer is building the laptop, although Samsung, HP and Acer have all produced Chromebooks in the past.

The new Chrome OS-powered computer could be unveiled at an event on Thursday as Google brings the platform into competition not only with Windows 8 but also its own mobile operating system, Android, both of which are touchscreen-compatible.

Google is apparently unconcerned about having two competing operating systems as it believes that both will boost its portfolio of web services.

Touchscreen Chromebook imminent

ChromeZoneGoogle has pitched Chromebooks as internet-connected devices that can be cheaper and faster than traditional laptops, but critics have often cited offline work as particularly difficult. Another potential complication for a touchscreen model could be convincing developers to create compatible applications. Currently, the Chromebook relies on web-based applications built using HTML5

However, the idea appears to be gaining some traction, with Google launching a big marketing campaign in the US to promote the platform. Acer has said that Chromebooks have accounted for between five and ten percent of its total US shipments since 2012, while one in three TechWeekEurope readers said that they would buy one today, according to our recent poll.

Google could sell any touchscreen Chromebook in one of the retail stores it reportedly plans to open in the US. The search giant is apparently keen to emulate Apple, which has enjoyed great success with its Apple Stores.

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