Touch Screen Gloves Keep Out The Cold

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Touchies gloves let touch screen users stay connected this Christmas with conductive thread technology

Now the cold weather has started, companies that have recently embarked on a mobile device strategy may be learning of a flaw in their plans.

Outdoor workers using touch-screen smartphones in the Arctic blasts of a British winter will find it inconvenient to remove their gloves every time they want to send an email or use an app.

Keep in touch this Christmas

Gloves act as an insulator between the finger of a user and the capacitive touch-screen surface used on many devices – but online retailer Genie Gadgets has come up with an answer: the Touchies appglove.

The company claims the specially-made gloves will keep your hands warm while you use a smartphone. It does this through a conductive thread that is interwoven in the cotton fabric, facilitating contact between the user and the smart device, through the glove.

“Whether it’s that last game of Angry Birds you just have to finish, or the text response to the cheeky boy in Accounts you really must send – now you can keep on tapping in these cold winter climes,” said the company.

The gloves are made of high quality cotton, and finished to ensure that screens will not be damaged, while allowing users to retain complete finger and thumb control on all touchscreen devices.

Priced at £6.75, Touchies are available in three colours: black, grey and pink. The only drawback is that they have to be hand washed to prevent destroying the conductive thread.

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