Top Windows 10 Business Laptops, PCs And Hybrids To Upgrade To

Windows 10 Creators Update

Time for an upgrade? Silicon selects the best and most interesting Windows 10 machines suitable for work in and out of the office.

Despite the relative popularity of Mac and the growing interest in Chromebooks, the majority of laptops and desktops machine we use will be running a form of Windows.

While Windows 10 is hardly a new operating system, we suspect many of you still use machines with Windows 8, Windows 7, or (have mercy) Windows Vista. Sometimes sticking with these old operating systems feels like putting on a well worn-in pair of shoes.

But unlike such leather goods, Windows platforms rarely get better with age and rather tend to be riddled with security flaws and are eventually abandoned by Microsoft as it decides to turn it attention onto fresher versions of Windows.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most interesting machines you can get if you are looking to get rid of vulnerable, venerable machines with stains that can’t be easily explained.

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition

Dell XPS Tower EditionWith mobility doctrines being banded around by IT execs with casual abandon, desktop PCs are  quite rare on tech shopping lists. But even with a plethora of cloud services, sometimes you want access to powerful compute horsepower locally.

This is where the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition comes in. Sporting a rather slick minimalist design in a compact tower case, the desktop has plenty of grunt thanks to the option to specific it with an Intel Core i7 processors and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 graphics card.

This means it is a machine ready to crunch through demeaning programs, run CAD software and handle video editing for people working in creative industries.

It also has enough power of tap to run high-end games, but we’d suggest exploring that option after the clock has hit 5:30.

HP Pavilion Wave

HP Pavilion WaveThe HP Pavilion Wave is what happens when a PC and a speaker love each other very much; resulting in a desktop PC, sporting Intel Core i3 or i5 processors, a dedicated AMD Radeon R9 M470 graphics card in some models, 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, which is housed in a cylindrical speaker system courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.

While the HP Pavilion Wave lacks an optical drive, the machine has plenty of ports and connectivity to mix audio capabilities with a workhorse Windows 10 specification.

It won’t amaze power users, and many laptops offer more functionality for less, but the HP Pavilion Wave in a innovative machine and demonstrates that HP Inc has a vein of creativity it can tap into when it comes to making desktop computers more appealing. We can imagine the machine gracing the desks of workers in the creative and music industries.

Intel Compute Stick (Core M)

Intel Compute StickIf you are after a Windows 10 PC you can fit in your pocket, then the Intel Compute Stick is your first port of call.

Starting at around £272 the Compute Stick resembles something like an over-sized USB stick with an HDMI connection. But into these compact proportions Intel has squeezed a Core M chip starting with the Core m3 and going up to the more powerful Core m5 based on Intel’s Skylake processors architecture.

Coupled with the chip is 4GB of RAM, while 64GB or memory takes care of storage. The Compute Stick offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity and three USB connections for plugging in peripherals.

While power users will need something larger and beefier, the Compute Stick offers a portable and affordable project for effectively taking a light weight set up of Windows 10 to any display with an HDMI connection.

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