Eight Top IoT startups: From CloudView To FiveAI


Silicon selects eight of the most intersting Internet of Things startups


MothiveMothive is a relatively new connected tech start-up, having launched in March 2015. Based in London, it designs hardware and software IoT solutions that can collect environmental and situational awareness data to turn it into an asset. The company claims to create innovative technologies that are an “instrument to evolution”, disrupting and creating more value and knowledge for public public as well as private sectors. It’s already working to revolutionise the defence and security industry with a plethora of ground technologies that are built to improve decision-making


FiveAIThe driverless car forms a major part of the future of IoT, and Cambridge-based tech start-up FiveAI is creating solutions in the area. It’s looking to apply strong artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to create better software for autonomous vehicles. Although 3D mapping is widely used in cars, FiveAI has developed an IoT solution driven by AI to ensure autonomous vehicles drive safely and accurately even in the most complex urban environments. The approach, the company says, avoids the need to survey, maintain and share detailed maps of paved and unpaved roads across the world.

Drasyon Technologies

Drayson TechnologiesA big part of IoT is about making the world a better place, and Drayson Technologies certainly demonstrates that. Founded by Lord Paul Drayson – the former science and innovation minister under Gordon Brown – it creates products to make the world greener and launched CleanSpace. The latter is the world’s first personal air pollution smart sensor. Connecting to a connected network, it uses machine learning and smart sensors to create hyperlocal pollution information so that everyone knows the type of air they’re breathing.



LogMeInLogMeIn is creating innovative IoT solutions, too. Xively, a connected product management platform, is one of them. It eliminates the need for you to undertake so-called “do-it-yourself’ IoT projects to connect and manage devices. There are a ton of handy customisation features as well. ProductLauncher, which the firm has just announced, forms a big part of this. It’s an interactive design tool that lets anyone, even those without broad technical expertise, create a virtual connected product or firm. It sports over 300 connected product templates, dramatically reducing the cost and time to bring IoT products to market.

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