Test Yourself With TechWeek Europe’s Quizzes


TechWeek Europe has launched a new quiz section designed to test your IT knowledge. Give it a go

The chances are that you think you know a lot about IT. You probably know your way around the Internet and can differentiate the cloud from Windows and Apple from antivirus, but how much do you really know?

Do you know everything there is to know about social networks, the differences between the various operating systems and all of Google’s hidden secrets? Perhaps you consider yourself the master of the tablet, the human smartphone encyclopaedia or even fluent in the language of the Internet.

Gold Star

TechWeekEurope UK is offering you the chance to find out with our brand new quizzes, which offer plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your IT knowledge (or lack thereof).

Each quiz has around fifteen questions and is multiple choice, meaning that you have at least a chance of getting the right answer should you find yourself stumped. Questions aren’t timed so you won’t have to put yourself under too much pressure.

At the end of each quiz, you will receive a break-down of your results as well as either ego-stroking praise or morale-boosting encouragement, depending on your performance.

So head over to the Quiz section now for the chance to flex your intellectual muscles.

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