How Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud Users Benefit From Interactive Services


Open platform for digital marketing enables marketers to ‘master the moment’ by personalising customer experiences using Teradata’s data-driven integrated approach

Teradata, a big data analytics and marketing applications company, says recent innovations to its Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud ecosystem are helping marketers use digital solutions along with a data-driven integrated marketing approach to enrich and personalise customer brand experiences.

The expansion of Teradata’s strategic services and partnerships brings marketers new capabilities in key areas such as digital advertising, digital asset management, mobile marketing, and real-time site personalisation, reflecting a continued strategic focus on delivering integrated data-driven marketing solutions for digital marketers worldwide.

Teradata says its Integrated Marketing Cloud comprises all the power and capability a company needs to implement their data-driven marketing strategy, including solutions for Marketing Operations, Campaign Management, Digital Messaging, Marketing Analytics, and Customer Data Management. By bringing these expanded capabilities into the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, Teradata is enabling marketers to truly individualise their marketing campaigns and ‘master the moment’ using data, insights and known customer engagement preferences to add value and drive revenue.

Lisa ArthursSpeaking at Teradata’s Partners Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, this week, Lisa Arthur, CMO, Teradata Marketing Applications, said: “Today’s customers expect a compelling, relevant and personalized experience each time they interact with a brand. By providing open, cloud-based ‘Marketing as a Service’ delivery of all our digital solutions, combined with thereal-time data integration and analytics that only Teradata can provide, users of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud can deliver the most individualised, timely and relevant customer brand experiences possible.”

The solution’s open ecosystem of strategic digital marketing services and partnerships now includes the following, with additional enhancements expected in 2015:

Teradata Interactive

Teradata Interactive aims to develop experiences, programs and communications that strengthen relationships between brands and their consumers. Teradata has been building up its digital and strategic marketing services over the past few years. With strong market demand, Teradata accelerated its expansion through the May 2014 acquisition of Ozone Online, a San Francisco-based creative agency. Teradata Interactive is offering its strategic marketing consulting, creative experience and campaign execution services for digital marketers globally. From strategic planning and creative concepting to pre- and post-sales nurturing, analytics, and optimisation, integrated solutions are built on proven demand generation strategies and industry best practices. This foundation is said to help Teradata Interactive create cross-channel marketing programs that drive awareness, adoption, and loyalty. Services include data-driven marketing strategies, best practices-based template design, multi-channel marketing consulting, responsive design implementation, testing/optimisation programs, and deep campaign reporting and analysis.

New Partnerships

ADAM Software

Marketers need to create and manage hundreds of digital assets and deliver timely multi-channel content that inspires customers to take action. With Teradata Marketing Operations, marketers can manage the asset creation process and seamlessly embed interactive media into their digital campaigns through integration with ADAM Software, a global provider of media workflow and marketing technology. This combined solution supports marketers throughout the full asset lifecycle, from the creative steps of developing assets into collaborative review and approval, through to fulfilment and usage tracking. Marketers using this integration see improved productivity, increased speed-to-market for campaigns, and proven return on content marketing investments.

Celebrus Technologies

To truly know their customers, marketers need to understand their behaviours and preferences. Teradata’s partnership with Celebrus Technologies helps marketers clearly understand a customer’s multi-channel path, from initial interest and research all the way to purchase. This integration between Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager and Celebrus enables marketers to leverage real-time contextual information happening on the website, as well as any historical customer data found in the enterprise data warehouse, to create the highest degree of personalisation through multiple channels, leading to improved conversion rates.


Teradata’s partnership with LiveRamp brings a company’s customer data and segmentation information online, enabling better measurement, targeting, and personalisation of digital marketing programs. This integration between Teradata Customer Interaction Manager and LiveRamp activates segments in more than 100 supported marketing applications including measurement, media, and data management platforms. This enables marketers to increase efficiency, run integrated multi-channel campaigns, and increase customer engagement across digital touch points.

Urban Airship

Marketers looking to extend their digital capabilities beyond email, social and SMS are seeing the value of engaging customers through versatile mobile applications. Teradata’s alliance with Urban Airship allows digital marketers to deliver more real-time, relevant and responsive mobile experiences. With the combination of segmentation tools from Urban Airship and real-time marketing automation capabilities from Teradata, push notifications and in-app messages can reach highly precise audience segments for campaigns or respond with real-time relevancy to customer interactions.

Simon Burton, CEO of Celebrus Technologies, said: “Like Teradata, Celebrus recognises the immediate and long-term business value of customer-centric digital marketing. Joint research we conducted last November shows that 80% of marketers believe personalisation will be critical or very important to their success within the next two years. By integrating solutions that enable companies to improve personalisation and deliver truly relevant messages, Teradata and Celebrus are empowering businesses to meet the high expectations of today’s ‘always-on’ consumer. Teradata is clearly expanding its ecosystem of digital marketing partners, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

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