Telehouse London Totally Switches To Green Power


Telehouse has sourced 100 percent sustainable electricity for its Docklands data centre hosting site

Telehouse, a data centre outsourcing company, has gone completely over to green energy in its London facilities. The 100 percent renewable power has been sourced from SmartestEnergy.

The data centre provider currently houses just under 500 major international companies at its London Docklands premises. By purchasing its energy requirements from SmartestEnergy, Telehouse is assured that the electricity is bought from independent generators of hydroelectric, wind, solar and anaerobic-digestion sources.

Ongoing sustainability commitment

Tokuji Mitsui, managing director of Telehouse and KDDI Europe, said the move to renewable energy was the natural next step on the company’s green agenda. This agenda is the company’s target for reducing its environmental impact as far as possible.

“The biggest challenge we face at Telehouse is to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint,” he said, “and in order to support this challenge Telehouse has worked closely with industry leading partners and regulators. We are committed to our environmental responsibilities and continue to work to align our business strategy with our green ethics wherever possible.

Last February, Telehouse was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) which is based on a stringent independent assessment. The CTS award certifies that a company has measured, managed and reduced its carbon emissions, and requires a commitment to further diminish these emissions in following years.

The move to SmartestEnergy will help to show that commitment but the benefits are not all accrued by Telehouse.

“The majority of electricity supplied to us is utilised by our clients,” Mitsui said, “therefore it is integral that we take on initiatives such as the 100 per cent green energy supply, which in turn benefits our customer’s credentials by reducing their carbon footprint. We intend to roll out this green partnership initiative with SmartestEnergy to all our European sites in the near future.”

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