TechWeekEurope MWC Research: BYOD Doubted, BlackBerry Still Trusted

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Many thanks to readers who helped with our survey. Congratulations to the winners of our MWC tickets!

BlackBerry is still a serious mobile offering for business, and organisations still doubt bring your own device (BYOD) according to TechWeekEurope research presented today. Ten of the people who contributed are getting free entry into next week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

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More than 200 people contributed to our survey, which showed a pattern of heavy usage of mobile devices for business. We have now contacted the winners – and have given out all the entry tickets we have been allocated. Thank you for all your interest!

Productivity gains

The main results are summarised below in a gallery of pie charts. When a question was answered by fewer than 200 respondents, we ignored those who left it blank.

Among the highlights, iPhone (36 percent) was just slightly ahead of Android (34 percent) as the preferred mobile platform, but BlackBerry surprised us on 18 percent. Microsoft will be disappointed that only less than nine percent of organisations preferred its Windows Phone platform.

Developing one’s own mobile apps is no longer a specialist activity, but it’s still a minority sport – with 35 percent developing applications. And despite claims that mobile devices improve productivity, less than a quarter of respondents actually measured the productivity gains.

Maybe mobile devices just have very obvious benefits, so there is no need to measure them.

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Mobile World Congress Research

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The biggest group of respondents had from ten to 100 mobile devices in their organisation