TechWeek Europe Readers Are All-Rounders

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Our latest poll reveals TechWeekEurope readers tend to have responsibility across the board, although all the different IT disciplines are covered

TechWeekEurope’s readers are all-rounders, whose main job role covers the whole IT spectrum, according to results of a poll.

Nearly a third of readers said they had responsibility for “All IT” in response to the question “What is your main professional IT responsibility”, posed in a site poll for the last week  The next most popular answer was “Strategy/Architect”.

All the bases are covered

Generalists were the biggest group, with 30 percent saying  they had responsibility for all IT, followed by 14 percent who were architects or strategists – who need to have a grasp of the whole IT spectrum.

Beyond that, the breakdown of job roles probably mirrors the difficulty which the different technology areas present to IT people.

Desktops and laptops are the main concern of just under 14 percent of the readers who responded, while over nine percent of you make your living in security. Just under nine percent of you deal with business software mostly, and 6.6 percent of you are concerned with servers.

Below that came networking, database, the cloud, mobile devices and storage, all of them with a decent showing in an overall vote of more than 400.

Do you support the Wikipedia blackout?

For our next poll, we want to know what you think of today’s blackout of Wikipedia in protest against the proposed US Stop Online Piracy ACT (SOPA). While SOPA has been killed  in Congress, campaigners expect it to re-emerge in a different form, and the protest has gone ahead, with Wikipedia going black (except for emergency workarounds).

Do you think this is an important issue to protest about, or a waste of time? Let us know in the usual way.


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