Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (12 May)

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It’s been a week filled with tech news, but have you been paying attention?

The past seven days has yielded a good batch of tech news; ranging from updates out of Microsoft and HP getting caught recording user data.  

We’ve also had an update on the price of the Nokia 3310 re-boot and a spam campaign from a online dating data breach. 

Weekly quiz 

Unknown Generic Man with Blank Empty Anonymous Face © Michael Brown - FotoliaAnd there’s plenty more to read across the pages of Silicon. Once you’re done, or if you’re ready to go, then give our week in review tech quiz a try and see if your powers of recall are still sharp after a busy week! 

If you want a further challenge, why not give our weekly thematic quizzes a go; this week we have a quiz you knowledge of abbreviations and acronyms in text messaging

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