Tech Quiz: Australia & Technology

What do you know about technology down under?

Australia has long been a pacific hub for multinational organisations, attracted by the stable business environment, talented workforce and common language.

The country plays an important role for the technology sector, with companies like BT, SAP and Microsoft all setting up shop down under, while major vendors have built data centres and other infrastructure to power their services in the pacific.


Australian technology

Only this week Sydney played host to the OpenStack Summit, and numerous other conferences will take place over the coming months.

But Australia has contributed several well-known inventions to the world and its cities, often ranked as some of the world’s most liveable, are embarking on innovative smart city projects to cope with growing urbanisation.

Its diverse geography and sparse population mean Australia has some challenges and needs that aren’t found in the rest of the world – as shown by the ambitious and scaled-down NBN – but there are also opportunities, such as in the field of agricultural technology.

Our quiz of the week tests your knowledge on all of this, so why not see how much you know? There might even be time for a game of knifey-spoony afterwards.

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