Tech Club Video: TechWeek Readers Believe In Tablets For Business

tech club video mobile evening Julian Pena

Four readers answer questions about mobility at the latest quarterly Tech Club gathering

Last week, TechWeekEurope readers and editorial staff met at a drinking establishment in Soho to talk about enterprise mobility. We shared opinions on the topics including (but not limited to) this year’s Mobile World Congress, Firefox OS and the precarious situation at BlackBerry.

A few lucky attendees were invited into our video boudoir, to discuss the role of tablets in the enterprise. Four of them said they already consider touchscreen devices an important part of certain professional environments, especially in retail and healthcare.

Here are some of their comments:

Shafiq Mumani, VP of Business Development at Terra Advisors

Jon North, managing director at IT Outside The Box

Julian Peña, product manager for Commercial Enablement at Telefonica UK

Wayne Cleghorn, technology, data privacy and information security consultant at Privacy Solved

Thanks to everyone who attended the fifth Tech Club event! We had a really good time.

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