Tech Club Goes To Tech City

Tech Club Tech City

TechWeek’s Tech Club members headed to East London to see what life is like for Tech City startups

TechWeekEurope‘s readers like startups, so this week we decided to take our Tech Club networking group to East London, where many of them are to be found in the loose “Tech City” cluster.

We  shared our opinions about startups , and IT life in general at the McQueen bar. And this time  we captured some of this on video – confirming our understanding that IT people approve of the fast-moving tech firms that want to disrupt the future.

Tech City limits

Are tech startups relevant to real IT people, or are they just a bunch of Hoxton hipsters, hawking social media for dogs? That was the high-minded question we wanted to answer – and the excuse for going drinking in East London.

In fact, research with Tech Club members answered that one before we left the office: our readers clearly approve  of startups, and the majority would be very happy to work in one.

research startups 6 what do startups offer

While in East London, we recorded a number of videos, which you can see below, or on our video channel,

TechWeek Goes To Tech City

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Tech Club in Tech City
Max Smolaks captures the thoughts of Editor Peter Judge
Do you know your way round Tech City? Try our quiz!

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