Teampoison Owns UN Server, Again


A Teampoison hacktivist claims to have current live access to a server the UN says is offline

Trick, a hacker from group, TeaMp0isoN, has rubbished claims by the UNDP that the server hacked by the group was unused and had been taken offline.

In a new pastebin posting, Trick claimed that the server was current, showing randomly selected hacked emails and server notifications from 2011, live. He said the new hack showed the group still had access to the server.

We still have access

Previously, Trick had posted emails and paswords for 857  users on the server, triggering a response from the UN, which stated that the server had been taken offline in a measure to protect users. A spokesperson further claimed that the data on the server was outdated and no longer relevant.

In the pastebin message, Trick said that “There are thousands of emails from May 2007 till present being sent from this server,but according to the United Nations this server is old and hasn’t been used since 2007, and apparently they shut the server down when they had found outit was hacked, yet I just obtained the email, shown on pastebin, from the cj_batch_messages table in their database server which was meant to be down?”

Teampoison, like Anonymous, is a hacktivist group, which makes its views known through the illegal access and damage of websites and infrastructure of groups, organisations, and companies it disagrees with. Both groups have been linked to the global Occupy movement, whose stated aim is to rid the world of financial corruption through occupation of public places and long-term protest.

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