Microsoft Surface ‘Used More At Work’ Than iPads

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New survey also finds that the differences between iOS and Android tablet users might be smaller than they think

A survey has found that when it comes to a working environment, users appear to prefer Microsoft’s Surface tablets to an iPad or an Android device.

Research by online advertising firm Chitika analysing the tablet web usage habits of tens of millions of North Americans found that Surface users generated a slightly greater share of their total online traffic during working hours when compared to iPad or Android tablet users.

Neither of the platforms was able to attract their peak usage figures during the day, with the peak hour of tablet web usage throughout the day coming at 9pm.

David-Cameron-tablet dashboardNot so different

The survey found that usage patterns amongst the three major groups were relatively similar throughout the day, seeing peaks and troughs at the same times. However in terms of raw traffic volume, iPad and Android tablet users led the way at all hours of the day. Yet at the 9pm peak, iPad users generated more than four times the Web traffic of all Android tablet users, reinforcing the view of Apple’s devices as media-friendly devices.

In spite of their rivalries, the survey also suggested that iPad and Android tablet users overall exhibit strikingly similar behaviour habits regarding how they use their tablets throughout the day. Overall, there was little variance between the usage patterns of the two groups with differences between hourly usage rates not exceeding six percent at any time throughout the day, and ultimately averaged out to zero percent over the total 24-hour time frame.

The largest difference between the two groups was during morning commute hours, when iPad users showed higher usage rates compared to users of Android tablets.

The falling gap between usage of the two types of device can probably be put down to many new Android tablets such as Google’s Nexus or Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD catching up with Apple’s iPad in terms of functionality and other factors. As Google looks to invest further in its Android OS, this trend is likely to continue, in spite of the larger volume of iPad sales.

Playing catch-up behind the two current leaders, Microsoft has positioned its Surface tablets as devices more fit for work activities as compared to those from the above manufacturers, which focus more on gaming or media consumption. This may yet prove useful to Microsoft though, as the company’s historical position as a business and institutional provider means it becomes attractive to customers looking to buy in those sectors.

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