IBM Eyes Splunk Big Data Purchase, Say Reports

Splunk’s big data integration skills attract IBM’s attention

Big Data integration expert Splunk, which  is reportedly being eyed by IBM as a possible acquisition target, has released data showing that one customer got a return on ionvestment (ROI) of 200 percent.

IBM logo © Tomasz Bidermann ShutterstiockWith the curent fashion for Big Data, IBM is an obvious buyer for the firm, thanks to its fixation on analytics, but other possible suitors include Oracle, according to Bloomberg. Last week, as a result of speculation surrounding Splunk and IBM, the Splunk share price rose by 8.4 percent to $32.27 (£20.05) on the Nasdaq in New York . At the time of writing it is around $33 (£20.50).

Splunk when you’re Splunk-en to?

Unified comms service provider Ceryx used Splunk software to trace messages through its email firewall service, which monitors email flow to protect customers from spam and illicit email. Ceryx reported that it cut message-tracking workflow tasks eight-fold and dramatically improved response times. By simplifying compliance reporting the company was able to reassign junior staff to the job and save money. Ceryx also claimed that automation had shortened training time and reduced critical security tasks down to minutes.

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