Sky Blocks Newzbin2 After Court Order


Sky says it blocked file-sharing site Newzbin2 to protect copyright holders and consumers

Sky has become the latest UK broadband provider to block access to file-sharing website Newzbin.

Sky was among a number of ISPs approached by the Motion Picture Association last month to block the site, which offers its members links to film, television, music and software downloads.

Copyright protection

Sky is a business which has invested billions of pounds in content for its customers. We do this because we know how much our customers value high-quality content,” said Sky in a statement. “It’s therefore imperative that companies like Sky do what they can, alongside Government and the rest of the media and technology industries, to help content companies protect their copyright.”

Such protection will ensure that consumers continue to benefit from TV programmes, movies and music both now and in the future. This means taking effective action against online piracy and copyright theft,” it continued.

Sky confirmed that it had received a court order that required it to block access to Newzbin2 and that it carried out this order on 13 December.

The company also reaffirmed its willingness to take such action in the future, adding “when clear and legally robust evidence of copyright theft is presented, we will take appropriate action in respect to site blocking, which will include complying with court orders.”

Sky had already indicated it would comply with the request to deny its users access to Newzbin2 when the MPA originally wrote to it in November, however Talktalk raised concerns about such a move, specifically the fact that ISPs were expected to burden the cost of any blockade.

In July, the high court ordered BT to block Newzbin2, following an injunction filed by the MPA in December 2010. A ruling in October implemented the hearing and stated that BT had 14 days to restrict access, the first time any website was blocked by an ISP under UK copyright law.

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