Silicon In Focus Podcast: Wellness Tech for Businesses

Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO, Koa Health

Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO, Koa Health, outlines the challenges business face, particularly when supporting positive mental health, and how technology can be an integral component of initiatives business leaders can use to ensure their workforces are mentally and physically healthy.


The wellbeing and general health of a workforce is critical to support. And as remote working becomes the norm, how can enterprises use technology to help them maintain a healthy workforce?

In 2021, poor mental health became the number one cause of sick leave. It’s estimated that staff churn relating to mental health issues costs businesses £22 billion, as Deloitte research shows 61% of job leavers in 2021 gave poor mental health as the reason for their decision.

Dr Oliver Harrison, CEO, Koa Health.

Dr Oliver Harrison is a medical doctor (Cambridge) and practised for six years with postgraduate training in both psychiatry and public health. Oliver spent five years in McKinsey Health Tech practice, working on health data and tech projects around the world. In 2006, he was recruited to help build a modern healthcare system in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He spent seven years as Director of Public Health, designing and building systems to collect health data, implementing care standards, and promoting healthy behaviours. Oliver serves on the WHO Roster of Experts for Digital Health, the Expert Panel for implementing the Wellcome Trust’s mental health strategy, and the Commercial Board of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.