SevOne Appliance Targets Big Data Growth

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SevOne has released an application and a mobile application aimed at large enterprises that face massive network growth and big data challenges

Network monitoring and reporting solutions provider SevOne announced the 29 November release of an appliance targeting large enterprises facing massive network growth, data centre space optimisation and big data challenges, as well as a mobile application designed to provide network administrators with real-time visibility into global network health across one or many networks.

The platform allows organisations to monitor more than 200,000 network elements from a single appliance and a single server rack can now monitor more than 4.2 million elements, more than a threefold increase in monitoring capacity over the existing SevOne appliance. The new appliance also offers compatibility with existing SevOne appliances and clusters.


“SevOne’s new appliance offers the greatest scalability on the market today, and only uses a single appliance,” power-supply specialist Telonic’s Managing Director Andreas Schlechter said. “The single install of a SevOne appliance saves on consumption of data storage space and energy, by reducing the hardware platform footprint and implementation time. And the mobile app provides an elegant way to proactively receive critical IT information any time, anywhere.”

The interior of the new Aruba data centre in Arezzo

The interior of the new Aruba data centre in Arezzo

The company said this improvement in capacity could help reduce data centre space requirements, energy consumption and management costs. Compared with an equivalent number of existing SevOne appliances, the new appliance represents a 70 percent decrease in physical footprint and power consumption.

The appliances collect and store one year of raw performance data without requiring aggregation. For users requiring virtual appliance deployments or a combination of virtual and physical appliances, the SevOne solution can also be deployed on VMware vSphere, alongside SevOne physical appliances.

SevOne appliances are designed to support big data performance management and automatically run baselines across each data point collected, thus helping maintain service-level agreements (SLAs) and deliver continuous operation. Cloud and virtualisation management is also part of the company’s network performance management solutions, offering real-time visibility into both virtual and physical environments.

Mobile application

In addition to the appliance, SevOne’s mobile application, available in the iPhone and Android App Stores, offers top-down visibility of the entire network infrastructure, with the ability to drill down into individual alerts, access to administrative alert functionality, including acknowledging, assigning and ignoring alerts and user-friendly installation and user interface, with native SevOne authentication.

“Historically, IT performance management products require the administrator to sit in front of the computer and run reports all day,” SevOne chief executive Mike Phelan said. “SevOne is giving administrators precious time back in their day, by notifying them only when anomalies and deviations from normal behavior occur, and sending these alerts directly to their mobile devices.”

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Originally published on eWeek.