Israel Vice Premier’s Twitter Hacked As Anonymous Goes On Rampage Over Gaza

Israel Palestine, Shutterstock - © ruskpp

Conflict in Gaza continues to have a strong cyber aspect

The vice prime minister of Israel, Silvan Shalom, has had his Twitter account hacked, with pro-Palestine messages posted on his micro-blogging.

Meanwhile, Anonymous has ramped up its cyber war on Israel, claiming to have leaked over 9000 documents belonging to Israeli officials.

Israel and Hamas continue to send rockets into each others’ territory, as the violence has escalated since erupting last week. The conflict has had online aspects, with Israel claiming its government websites had been hit by over 44 million hack attempts since last Wednesday.

Gaza conflict heads online

cyber war weapon crime © Roman SigaevThe Islamic Jihad has also claimed its intelligence department “managed to penetrate data for 5,000 cellular phones belonging to senior Israeli army officers and got their personal data,” according to a report in Bloomberg.  The Hamas Interior Ministry has also claimed Israeli hackers took down its site.

Now Shalom has been targeted, with a host of messages posted on his account, some calling for Israel to “get out of Palestine”. The Zcompany Hacking Company has taken responsibility for the hits.

“We want an end to all illegal occupations and wars. This is our planet and we have the power. We are the people,” read one tweet.

“Who can bare to see the horror, the deaths of children and innocent people trying to protect their occupied land?” another read.

The hacking team claimed it had also hacked Shalom’s Facebook page, but it appeared to be untarnished at the time of publication.

Anonymous posted what it claimed were email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of thousands of Israeli officials.

“Know this: Operation Israel will not stop until Israel makes valid and successful efforts to begin peace talks with Palestine; delivers humanitarian aid for the civilians they have wounded; and provides reparations to the families of the Gazan children they have slaughtered,” the group wrote on the Anon Relations website.

“Anonymous is beginning new phases of Operation Israel that will include the facilitation of humanitarian aid to Gaza. We will also amass word-wide public support to boycott any product that directly or indirectly funds the Israeli government.”

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