Samsung Unveils Tiny 1TB External SSD At CES 2015

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Small enough to fit in your pocket, Samsung packs an SSD storage punch

Samsung has shown off its new portable SSD, dubbed the T1, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The solid state drive will be available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB versions, and will launch in the UK later this month.

The Portable SSD T1 measures 71.0 x 9.2 x 53.2 mm

“The Portable SSD T1 allows people to store their entire digital portfolio locally in one place, take it with them anywhere and have blazing fast access to their data, all without worrying about reliability or security,” said Unsoo Kim, SVP of Branded Product Marketing, Memory Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Our digital lives demand storage that surpasses the limits of existing options, which requires consumers to compromise, when it comes to mobility, capacity, security and performance. The Portable SSD T1 overcomes the drawbacks of alternative options on every major pain point, making it the next external storage device of choice.”

The Portable SSD T1 measures 71.0 x 9.2 x 53.2 mm weighs 30 grams. It features a black chrome metal coating and laser patterning.

Samsung said the drive has sequential read/write speeds of up to 450 megabytes per second with a USB 3.0 super speed interface and random read/write speeds of up to 8,000 Samsung SSDinputs/outputs per second (IOPS) and 21,000 IOPS respectively.

The firm claims it will only take eight seconds to transfer a 3GB movie file and 27 seconds for a 10GB movie file compared to an external HDD which takes 26 seconds and 85 seconds, respectively.

The Portable SSD T1 has a slim and compact design that makes it easy to take anywhere. Smaller than an average business card and weighing about 30 grams, it features premium aesthetics such as black chrome metal coating and laser patterning, making it the sleek, fashionable choice for those seeking style and sophistication.

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