Samsung Galaxy Tab Is Our Readers’ Favourite


For business, readers want a Galaxy, or an iPad. Next: which applications would you put on the cloud?

If eWEEK readers can’t have an iPad, their favourite tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, according to the results of a poll.  However, some readers are so in love with iPads, they’d rather have no tablet at all if they couldn’t have the Apple product.

The iPad’s strong support was obvious – many readers would simply do without a tablet if the iPad was not on offer. This group was larger than any other, except that of the Galaxy Tab supporters.

Give me iPads or give me… Samsung?

Thirty-two percent of eWEEK readers said they preferred the Galaxy Tab, when asked “apart from the iPad, what is the best tablet for business?”

It’s had good reviews, and one other mark of recognition of its potential to give the iPad trouble: apple is suing Samsung’s ass, and atempting to halt sales of the Galxy Tab anywhere it can. It won an injunction in a Dutch Court and also won when Samsung claimed that Apple had infringed on 3G patents – the court ruled that the patents were necessary to 3G operation, so had to be licensed under Frand terms.

Close behind that figure, 24 percent of readers said “no tablet – nothing beats the iPad”. This figure was comfortably ahead of the convertible Asus EEE Pad, on 13 percent.

Below that, the BlackBerry PlayBook on 8.5 percent, the Lenovo ThinkPad on seven percent, the HTC Flyer with four percent, and the Dell Streak with three percent.

Even further down, on two percent or less, came the Motorola ET1, the Acer Iconia, the Toshiba Thrive,  the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Archos G9.

One or two of those were write-in candidates, promoted from the Other option on the poll.

Next: what apps will you put in the cloud?

Next time round, we’re asking about the cloud again. Before, we have asked whether you use the cloud, and what you see as the main barriers to using it.

A year ago, we asked what applications you would put on the cloud – now we want to know how your ideas have changed. Would you trust the cloud for email? For storage? For office productivity applications like Google Apps, or Office 365? For security services such as network access control (NAC)? Would you use it for CRM? For financials? For ERP, or what?

Tick all the answers that apply this time, and if you want another application added, use the “Other” box.




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