Salesforce Adds Twitter Feeds To Radian6

Twitter Bloated Landscape

Twitter force-feeds Salesforce customers with gallons of social stuff

Twitter and have built on their long-standing relationship, adding  Twitter’s firehose feed of public tweets to Salesforce Radian6 social media analysis package.

Salesforce says that that this will allow business to analyse the more than 400 million tweets generated each today so customers can see right away what Twitter users think of them.

Salesforce-feed data

“The alliance between Twitter and enables companies to apply the power of social listening and engagement to over 400 million Tweets daily, providing opportunities for social enterprises to engage, solve problems, gain followers and build brand identity,” said Marcel LeBrun, senior vice president and general manager for Salesforce Radian6 – clearly someone who would have trouble limiting himself to 140 characters.

“Companies look to Twitter to connect with their customers in real time about the things that matter to them. understands how to facilitate these interactions,” said Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of Business Development at Twitter. “Combining the power of Salesforce Radian6 with Twitter helps companies understand and respond to their customers as these conversations are happening.” hs used Twitter feeds in its products for a number of years, and it has reiterated its belief that it is a arge source of free data, useful to enterprises.

Last December, it introduced the Social Marketing Cloud that allowed companies to use social media to market and sell products to customers, while in January it launched, a customer helpdesk dashboard that displays Facebook and Twitter feeds with emails, aimed at SMBs.

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