Quiz Of The Week: Web Browsers

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Do you know your Chrome from your Firefox? A new web browser quiz awaits…

Web browsers have had an exciting progress since Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990. This quiz should test your knowledge of the current offerings, and the browser’s earliest beginnings.

The early text-based web browsers didn’t have all the features we now take for granted, including animation and video content, as well as secure browsing through SSL. But the new tool led to an explosion of web use, and changed many people’s lives for ever.

Browser wars

Movers and shakers

Early leaders such as Netscape are now gone, while giants such as Microsoft have had a very mixed career. Meanwhile, Firefox and Chrome have won fans by adding features faster than each other.

Opera has a lot of support and its own distinctive features, and Apple’s Safari browser has also gained fans outside its home territory.

But there are plenty of smaller players out there, ready to surprise us, and perhaps be the next big browser sensation.


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