Quiz Of The Week: Sport Technology


Do you know as much about sport technology as you do about zonal marking?

After four years of waiting, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will kick off in Sao Paulo tonight, with technology set to play a vital role for fans, organisers and even protesters.

All 64 matches will be broadcast across the globe, with more and more people choosing to tune in on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, while fans in the 12 stadiums will be able to communicate on social networks thanks to high density Wi-Fi networks.

World Cup technology

FIFA World Cup logo BrazilTechnology has become increasingly important to sport over the past few years, with nearly every professional sport having at least some form of interaction with IT. Indeed, many teams and associations are turning to the field of analytics to gain an edge over their competitors.

Even the Luddites in many sporting organisations are being converted after seeing the benefits of video and ball tracking technology in enforcing the laws of their game. If it had been available to the linesman during the 1966 World Cup Final, the age old debate between English and German fans about whether Geoff Hurst’s goal had crossed the line would have been settled immediately. After all, it was quite clearly over!

So see if your knowledge of sport matches up your proficiency in technology.

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