Quiz Of The Week: Sport And Technology In 2017

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How much do you know about sport’s relationship with technology?

Technology’s long and fruitful partnership with sport is continuing with aplomb in 2017, as the sporting world has well and truly boarded the digital transformation train.

Although there are no global sporting events on the immediate horizon, Wimbledon is now underway, the summer’s cricket is just getting started and the British and Irish Lions are doing battle in New Zealand.

And 2018 is going to be bigger than ever, with a Winter Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup to look forward to.

Wimbledon 2016 Centre Court

Sport and Technology

Technology has become increasingly important to sport over the past few years, with nearly every professional sport having at least some form of interaction with IT. Indeed, many teams and associations are turning to the field of analytics to gain an edge over their competitors.

Even the Luddites in many sporting organisations are being converted after seeing the benefits of video and ball tracking technology in enforcing the laws of their game.

And, given the high profile of these events, it’s no surprise that tech firms are desperate to sponsor them.

So see if your knowledge of sport matches up your proficiency in technology.

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