Quiz Of The Week: How Many Raspberries In A Raspberry Pi?

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How well do you know the much-loved educational computer?

In 2012, the Raspberry Pi took the world of IT education by storm.  It’s got a full open source software environment, a vibrant community and it is cheap… and a cheaper version was just announced.

The first prototype ws seen in August 2011, and the product arrived for real early last year.With a power embedded processor, and plenty of I/O options, it is capable of a variety of things, and has already been put to use in many marvelous projects: from running a micro-brewery to piloting an autonomous boat, which, it is hoped, will cross the Atlantic.

FishPi raspberry pi boat

Easy as Raspberry Pi?

The FishPi project, typical of the Raspberry community, is a mixture of invention and maker-style hackery, with the Pi pilot’s cabin made from a plastic sandwich box. Other makers have created their own casings for the device using lego or cigarette packets.

But the Pi project has a serious message. Cheap hardware and open source software means that anyone can develop and build new things – and it is hoped that serious entrepreneurial ideas will emerge from the Raspberry.

Already, its creators are involved in the government’s bid to rethink computer science teaching in British schools, with an “open source” curriculum.

How much do you know about the Raspberry Pi?

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