Quiz Of The Week: The Rise And Fall (And Rise?) Of Nokia

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Check Nokia’s history (and future?) in this quiz

Nokia is one of the industry’s best loved names – even if the company has fallen on hard times at the moment. This week, our quiz looks back on the company’s finest hours, and forward to its possible comeback.

For many years Nokia completely dominated mobile phones, with devices like the indomitable 3310. It then seized the newly-emerging smartphone market with phones based on the Symbian operating system. Along the way, most people who had a mobile phone had a Nokia at some stage, and the company pushed the boundaries of phone design.

Nokia versus Apple

The good times couldn’t last though. Apple launched its iPhone in 2007, and despite doing its best with the much loved Symbian platform, Nokia struggled to come up with a serious competitor. It toyed with a Linux-based replacement, but in the end, took the decision to base future smartphones on Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

It’s fair to say the decision hasn’t been a runaway success. or at least not yet – Nokia’s results have deflated, as the air whistled out of the Symbian market. But its latest phones, the Lumia range, have strong supporters, and its most recent figures were actually better than expected.

We believe there is more life left in Nokia, and to celebrate it we present a set of questions delving into recent and older history.



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… and to whet your appetite, here is a little gallery of some of Nokia’s finest creations!

(this is a work in progress – if we’ve missed out your favourite, let us know!)

Nokia Phones - A Spotter's Guide

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Nokia 7600
Nokia's first 3G phone was this little oddity



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