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Do you know all about East London’s cyber centre?

How is the UK going to get out of recession? Through the visionary entrepreneurs of London’s Tech City, of course! Here’s a quiz about the web businesses that are supposed to be rebuilding our economy from a hub in East London.

Back in 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron said he hoped East London would turn into a version of Silicon Valley after the London Olympics were over. Two years of concerted schmoozing later, several big Web and social media firms have new headquarters and labs around the area known as Tech City.

The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street

Blimey guvnor!

As well as building their startups, Tech City entrepreneurs have got together on issues such as copyright and investments.

There’s a new sector of the London Stock Exchange for “high growth” firms that regular investors might not understand and there have been efforts to provide loans to startups and facilities in and around the Tech City campus.

The initiative was criticised for a number of things including its location, on the wrong side of London for Heathrow Airport. But it has certainly succeeded in making a buzz.

Is it making any difference to the conomy? Who can tell? The economy is still no great shakes, but maybe we’d be worse off without our Tech City neighbours.

We would certainly have a lot less to write about.

Do you know Tech City? 

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