Quiz of the Week: Security 2.0

security malware - Shutterstock: © Marcio Jose Bastos Silva

We’ve ironed out the flaws in a new version of our security quiz…

Security is one of the most keenly-debated topics in the IT world. That’s because it affects everyone, in both their business and personal lives.

From hacktivists like Anonymous, to nation states, to organised criminals, so many actors are now involved in the cyber attack sphere. It’s a constantly changing world too, with fresh attack vectors, vulnerabilities, and innovative protections emerging every day.

Fixing a flawed quiz

We’re proud of our security coverage and readers seem to like it too. That’s why we’ve decided to give our security quiz a remake. As pointed out by a number of you, some of the questions and answers just weren’t quite right. Like outdated software, it was flawed.

We could pass the buck and note that TechWeekEurope staff didn’t actually write the thing, but the buck stops with us. So there’s a whole new batch of questions for you to test yourself against. The updated quiz includes questions on the first ever virus, the super-powerful malware that was Stuxnet, and an infamous hack of Sony.

Thank you for all the feedback on our quizzes so far, and we hope you enjoy our new security quiz!

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