Quiz Of The Week: Disability Tech

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As the Paralympics starts in London, try our quiz to see what you know about technology and disability

As London gets ready for the Paralympics, we find ourselves inspired by the determination of people who have overcome adversity – and the creativity of the technology which supports them.

More than just a follow-up to the London 2012 Olympics, the Paralympics will become a festival of dedicated sportspeople – many of whom, such as South African sprinter Oscar Pistorias, are able to compete on equal terms with able-bodied athletes, some using high-tech extensions to their bodies.

Levelling the playing field

Away from the Paralympic stadia, technology is playing an ever increasing role in helping people reach their potential and perform at the top of their game.

Prosthetic limbs are being developed with movement as good as that of natural limbs, and other technologies are making up for impairments in hearing, sight and speech.

Some people believe that technology will be able to put an end to disability, while others are using the web to campaign for the rights of those with disabilities. And some use their own ingenuity to help overcome their limitations.

To accompany the Paralympics, we have probed the world of technological aids, and found some wonderful things which opened our eyes to possibilities we might never have dreamt of.

Want to test your knowledge of disability-related technology, or find out more?

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