Quiz of the Week: China – Its Tech Superstars And Surveillance State

China is home to some wonderful tech companies, but it has a darker side. See how much you know about the superpower in this week’s quiz!

China is home to some massive technology companies – Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo. The latter is about to become the most successful PC manufacturer in the world and is the only one, bar Apple, who seems to be making any money in the market.

Huawei is gaining plenty of traction within China and in Europe as BT and EE run large bits of their networks on Huawei kit. There’s plenty going on in China many are unaware of too – with Alibaba and Sina Weibo making buckets of money from online consumers.

China’s darker side

© Karen Roach - Fotolia (Medium)But there is a darker side to China and its use of technology. It has massive surveillance systems set up to monitor citizen use of the Web and much of the global Internet is blacked out, as the Politburo wants to keep content under its control.

Many remain concerned about using Chinese technology, especially at the network level. The US has already made it clear it does not want to use Huawei or ZTE kit, afraid of backdoors the companies claim do not reside on the gear.

China is also enemy number one when it comes to cyber crime and cyber warfare. Every week we see stories about attacks emanating from China, many allegedly state-sponsored.

So what do you know about this powerful yet mysterious nation and its technology?

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