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What do you know about Google’s mobile OS? test yourself and take our quiz!

In just a few years, Android has grown from an ugly duckling into a giant, fire-breathing swan. The mobile operating system from Google can be found on seven out of ten smartphones sold today, and the Google Play Store contains at least 700,000 apps, as well as countless movies, music and books.

Some, like RIM or Nokia, have ignored the new OS to their detriment, while Steve Jobs was famously willing to go “thermonuclear war” on Android. In our quiz, you can test whether you know why.

World domination

Android appeared at the right time, at the right place. In 2005, the buying public was getting used to the idea of a touchscreen interface, while mobile device manufacturers were desperately looking for ways to unlock the potential of new, powerful hardware.

That’s when Andy Rubin and friends decided to try their luck in the mobile software business. One of the main ideas behind Android was to make handsets aware of their owner’s location, and serve advertising based on their preferences.

At first, the OS got a lukewarm reception. Users complained about the lack of quality apps (which were abundant on Apple’s App Store), while developers were refusing to write apps for a platform that had few users. However, Google’s own software, including favourites such as Maps and Gmail, helped ease adoption, and by 2010, Android’s conquest of the market was in full swing.

So, how well do you know Google’s mobile OS?

Take our quiz!

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