Quiz Of The Week – Neelie Kroes And The EC

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Neelie Kroes’ reign as head of the EC’s Digital Agenda is ending soon, but how much do you know about her time in charge?

Since her appointment in 2010, it’s possible to argue that no-one has done more for technology in Europe than Neelie Kroes. The European Commissioner for Digital Agenda and one of several Vice-Presidents of the European Commission (EC) has been behind many significant initiatives, from abolishing roaming charges across the continent to ensuring the digital freedom of European citizens.

Kroes has proved to be an extremely strong influence in pushing through important legislation, which means that Europe will hopefully be able to remain in the lead as far as digital technology is concerned, as well as promoting the role of greater education, especially amongst women, in encouraging future innovation.

vaso - Fotolia.comMoving on

Kroes is set to continue her work as one of the EC’s Vice Presidents, so it is unlikely that we shall not hear from her again. Her successor, Günther Oettinger, will have a hard act to follow, but will look to build upon Kroes’ good work to ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of the digital world. But how much do you know about the events of Kroes’ tenure, as well as the EC as a whole?

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