Quiz Of The Week: Europe’s Tech Pioneers


How well do you know European tech history? Our quiz takes in the inventors of radio, telephony and computing!

Many of the inventions we take for granted sprang from the minds of European tech pioneers and this week’s quiz celebrates their achievements.

Every country in Europe, it seems, has had its tech pioneers, and we’ve rounded up a good handful of them here for your entertainment. It might be our most obscure quiz so far, or maybe the most educational.

Europe leads in science

Who really invented the computer? Or the telephone? And how old is Italian cryptography? The answers may surprise you – and some of them surprised us.

What did the lady on the right do, and why should she have a place on any tech-head’s wall?  All these are in the quiz.

There’s a serious side to this, of course. Europe should be aware of its great tech heritage, and not let the tide of US inventions wash the memory away.

Want to know more?

Try the quiz!

And, if you like this one, we have a whole quiz about Alan Turing!

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