Quiz Of The Week: Technology’s Believe It Or Not

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How good are you at spotting the real technology story from the fake? Find out with our quiz and don’t be an April Fool!

April 1 is a day on which you really have to keep your wits about you as ‘hilarious’ japes try to get the better of your judgement.

The rapid pace of change in the technology industry make it a fertile breeding ground for April Fool’s Day.

Real or no real?

Nokia 3310 PureView Windows Phone April Fools SpoofNew developments are often so transformational they are hard to comprehend, and we place our trust in the great minds responsible and the organisations that promote them.

But some are a bit too hard to believe. In most cases such scepticism is justified, but every now again a ridiculous technology story just happens to be true. Sometimes the companies behind it are deliberately trying to trick us and make us the April fools.

For example, Microsoft once said it was releasing a Windows Phone-powered edition of the iconic Nokia 3310.

But how good are you at spotting the fact from the fiction?

Find out with our quiz!

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