Prize Quiz of the Week: Windows 8


How much do you want a Windows 8 tablet? Alongside this week’s quiz, we give you the chance to win one.

Are you a Windows 8 lover? Would you like to have a tablet running it? This week’s quiz will give you a chance to do just that.

Windows 8 has had a mixed reception since Steve Ballmer announced Microsoft is “betting the company” on a redesign of its flagship, intended to run on both tablets and laptops with a touchscreen interface and – shock horror – no Start button!

Windows 8 takes hard knocks

Panasonic toughpad FZ-G1 competition

Windows 8 has had plenty of criticism, but Microsoft has sold 100 million licences for it. The new Windows version introduced an app store, which now has more than 70,000 apps.

It’s also cropped up on plenty of hardware, including laptops, convertibles and tablets.

We have a tablet to offer, which is tough enough to handle all the abuse of a busy working day, indoors or out. You can drop the Panasonic ToughBook FZ-G1, which retails at £2070, 1.2 metres or even pour a bucket of water over it, and it will still work. Apparently.

It’s got IP65 ingress protection rating for resistance to dust and water, and a toughened screen which has withstood impacts from screwdrivers.

The competition is open till July 17th. You don’t need to get full marks on the quiz to win (we have made it as tricky as we usually do). But if you are tough enough to tote one of these tablets, we know you’ll score well on the quiz too.

Try our Windows 8 Quiz!

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