Portugal Proposes Terabyte Tax To Pay Copyright Holders

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Portugal is planning a tax of up to €0.5 per Gigabyte, to pay copyright owners

The Portuguese parliament is considering taxation on storage devices, in an attempt to protect copyright holders.

The proposal would impose a range of charges on storage devices that could be used for sharing copyright, from €0.2 per gigabyte on hard disks, up to €0.5 per megabyte on phones. It has been condemned as the death knell for storage sales in the country.

Payment by the Gigabyte

Lisbon portugal funicular © mlehmann78 - Fotolia.comReminiscent of the old levy on blank casette tapes which was designed to discourage home copying of music in pre-Internet days, the move suggests a complex set of rates.

It has been criticised  by one local media outlet, Exame Informatica, which says it would add €21 extra per terabyte of data on hard drives, while larger devices, external devices and gadgets such as phones face a higher aggravated tax so a 2TB drive would cost an additional €103.2 per unit and a 64GB iPhone would be €32  more expensive.

The proposal also suggests taxes on photocopiers and multi function printers so a 70 ppm MFP would cost up to €227  more per device.

Over to TechEye for the gory details: “This would be enough to singlehandedly stall PC and component sales”

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