Poll: What ‘Alternative’ Phone Would You Like To Try?

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Other than iOS and Android, which phone OS gets your vote?

Android and iPhone have a duopoly on smartphones, but there are plenty of underdog alternatives. Which one would you like to try?

The majority of smartphones sold run either Google’s Android, or the Apple iPhone’s iOS operating system, and research firm Analysys Mason believes the two will make up 81 percent of the market by 2017. There are, however, plenty of other new and interesting devices to try, including Firefox, Ubuntu and others. Let us know which you think sounds most enticing.

Ubuntu phone 1

Ubuntu, Firefox, or what?

Last week saw the launch of Ubuntu for mobile phones, and last year, a phone OS based on the Firefox browser broke cover. Do they sound worth a try?

Firefox OS is aimed at developing economies, offering a simple browser-based environment running HTML5 applications, while Ubuntu is a full desktop operating system squeezed into a small device.

They both sound enticing, but then, for different reasons, so do the other major mobile Linux versions, Sailfish (formerly Jolla’s MeeGo OS) and Tizen (replacing Linux Foundation’s MeeGo and Samsung’s Bada). Meanwhile, in China, we have Alibaba’s Aliyun.

Finally, just to be contentious, we give you the option of voting for two operating systems which are either fading or struggling to get a proper foothold in the major league of phone operating systems: Windows Phone and the much-delayed BlackBerry 10 from RIM.

Which "alternative" phone operating system would you most like to try?

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