Met’s Cyber Team Saved UK £1.01bn


As the PCeU heads for its merger with SOCA, it brags about its startling achievements

The Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) saved the UK £1.01 billion in two and a half years, double its target in half the time expected.

The division was only tasked with preventing £504 million of damage over a four-year period, with a budget of £30 million.

laptop, police security handcurrs (c) Nata-Lia shutterstockIt has charged  126 suspects, overseen the conviction of 89 cyber crooks, with another 30 awaiting trial, whilst 26 cyber gangs have been disrupted as a result of PCeU’s work, the Met said today.

PCeU successes

One operation prevented a loss of around £74 million when three men were arrested over a phishing scam.

Yet the PCeU will not be a standalone entity as of next month, when it merges with the cyber team at the Serious Organised Crime Organisation (SOCA) as part of the National Cyber Crime Unit.

“The PCeU has exceeded all expectations in respect of making the UK’s cyber space more secure,”

“This is due to its innovative partnership work with industry and law enforcement across the globe and its dynamic system for developing intelligence, enforcing the law and quickly putting protection measures in place.”

Commander Steve Rodhouse, head of gangs and organised crime in the Met, added: “Harm is not always financial – immeasurable levels of emotional and reputational harm is also suffered by those who have their personal details hacked and published. In some cases, the release of personal information has potentially put lives at risk, so our achievements have also been significant in ensuring public safety.”

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