One Third Of TechWeek Readers Use Windows 10 At Work

Eighty percent of TechWeek readers use Windows 10 but just four percent use it in the office exclusively

One third of TechWeekEurope readers are using Windows 10 in the workplace, according to the results of our most recent poll, and 82.5 percent of all respondents have upgraded at least one machine

Nearly half (47 percent) are using the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system at home, with another 31.5 percent are using it at home and in the office. However just four percent are users in both domains and 17.5 percent haven’t made the jump at all.

Windows use

windows-10-poll-resultsWindows 10 debuted just over a year ago with the stated ambition of running on one billion devices. A free upgrade offer served as a catalyst for adoption, but also angered customers who felt Microsoft’s tactics were aggressive and even deceitful.

At last count, more than 300 million devices were operating on Windows 10, a figure which includes PCs, tablets and all manner of connected devices.

Our results, albeit from a more technically minded audience, suggest the operating system has succeeded in encouraging adoption but show that business use is still a small proportion. Microsoft had a hard time convincing enterprises from moving away from the stable Windows XP to Vista and then the more trusted Windows 7 to Windows 8.

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