Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker


Windows 10 Creators Update scheduled for April, with another coming later in the year

Ahead of the imminent Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is currently testing a new feature that will help to prevent the installation of bloatware on Windows 10.

The feature will prevent users from installing classic Win32 apps, only allowing them to install apps from the Windows Store in an effort to keep PCs “safe and secure” from compromised apps that might contain malware. 

Although disabled by default, once enabled it will display a warning message whenever a user tries to install a Win32 app to discourage them from downloading, as shown below.

windows 10

No more bloatware

Although not especially useful for users who want access to popular Win32 apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Google chrome, the feature will help to secure the PCs of Windows 10 users who only require basic functionality.

There’s also Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter, which does provide access to some Win32 apps from the Windows Store if users are desperate.

The Creators Update is expected to arrive in April  and include a raft of privacy tweaks to counter growing concerns about the amount of user data Microsoft collects. EU data protection authorities recently said they were “concerned” about the data collection practices built into Windows 10.

The Article 29 Working Party, made up of the EU’s 28 data protection watchdogs, even sent a letter to Microsoft saying: “Even considering the proposed changes to Windows 10, the Working Party remains concerned about the level of protection of users’ personal data. 

“Microsoft should clearly explain what kinds of personal data are processed for what purposes. Without such information, consent cannot be informed, and therefore, not valid.”

The Creators Update should also include 3D support and ‘mixed reality’ features combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This would follow on from the company’s recent improvements to the Mail and Calendar apps, with another major Windows 10 update also slated for late-2017.

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