Microsoft To ‘Reinvigorate’ Windows 10 User Interface – Report

New look and feel for Windows 10 is reportedly on the way, as part of a major revamp of the five year old operating system

Microsoft is reportedly going to deliver a major revamp of the Windows 10 operating system, which replaced Windows 8.1 back in July 2015.

According to sources who spoke to Windows Central, Microsoft wants to ‘reinvigorate’ the Windows 10 user interface next year.

It comes after Redmond earlier this week revealed it will introduce a Skype online meeting feature directly into the Windows 10 taskbar, as it seeks to capitalise on the massive pandemic-era boom in videoconferencing.

Interface revamp

Microsoft has been adding to the functionality of its five year operating system for some time now, but little has changed to its fundamental look and feel.

And that is about to change, as according to Windows Central, a significant design refresh to the Windows UI (user interface) will appear in 2021.

Indeed, the report states that Redmond is planning to update many top-level user interfaces such as the Start menu, Action Center, and even File Explorer, with consistent modern designs, better animations, and new features.

Microsoft is using the internal codename“Sun Valley” for the update, and is reportedly expected to ship as part of the Windows 10 “Cobalt” release scheduled for the holiday (i.e late) 2021 season.

Windows Central reported that internal documentation describes the project as “reinvigorating” and modernising the Windows desktop experience to keep up with customer expectation in a world driven by other modern and lightweight platforms.

It is reported that the Sun Valley project is apparently spearheaded by the Windows Devices and Experiences team, lead by Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

Care needed

Microsoft will have to tread carefully with the redesign.

The user interface for the Windows Phone mobile operating system for example was widely praised for its tiled approach, coupled with a clean and simple interface.

But Microsoft’s minimalist and blocky Metro user interface for Windows 8 proved to be less popular with users.

Windows 8 Chrome Metro

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