Poll: Would You Use A Chromebook In Your Business?

Google wants Chromebooks in more businesses after its success in education, but would you use one?

When the Chromebook was first introduced, many doubted the practically of a cloud-based operating system, and whether another platform could take on Windows.

Fast forward to 2017 and Microsoft has announced its own competitor to Chrome OS, evidence of the success that Chromebooks have enjoyed.

Chromebook business


The shift away from Windows towards mobile and advances in connectivity have made Chromebook a viable alternative. Cloud storage makes them quicker to load and used, while cloud applications make the need for admin to roll out updates redundant.

Chrome OS has been a hit in education and Google wants to expand even further. It has the support of major manufacturers, including HP, Samsung and Lenovo, and has secured enterprise partners such as VMware to accelerate business adoption.

But would you use one in your business? Let us know below and we’ll reveal the findings very soon

Would you use a Google Chromebook in your business?

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