iPhone 5S And 5C Now Compatible With O2 4G

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Apple releases carrier settings update for its new handsets

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are now compatible with the O2 4G network, the operator has confirmed, just over a week after the two handsets were released in the UK.

O2 began stocking the devices on 20 September, but warned its LTE service would not be supported on launch day and that it would notify customers when they could use their new smartphone on the superfast network.

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iPhone 5S (6)That day is today, but users must perform a carrier settings update on their device, either over the air (OTA), or by connecting their handset to a PC or Mac. Those who choose the former method can simply go to the settings app, tap ‘General’ and then ‘About’, while those who choose the latter will be prompted to install an update when they open iTunes.

O2 promised last month that those who purchased an iPhone 5S or 5C with a 4G price plan would receive £5 off their first month’s bill as compensation for the delay, which the operator said was because it was waiting for an update from Apple. The iPhone 5S and 5C have proved popular, with Apple boasting of more than nine million combined sales so far, however it has not released individual sales figures.

O2 4G went live on 29 August in London, Leeds and Bradford and has since expanded to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield. O2 has also confirmed Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle will also receive coverage by the end of 2013 in what it claims is the fastest network rollout in its history.

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