Not MWC 2013: Do You Believe In BlackBerry?

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Who will own BlackBerry in a year’s time? Or will it be fiercely independent? Tell us in our poll!

Will BlackBerry survive? The question might seem unfair, as the company is currently surfing a wave of good publicity, but during 2012, a lot of people have questioned the viability of the once-mighty business phone maker.

During the wait for the long-delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system, siren voices whispered doom for the company, and a whole list of firms were supposedly lining up to pick up the pieces. Now the software has arrived – to a warm welcome – and the Z10 phone is reportedly selling well. But has the company done enough to ensure its continued existence? That’s what we want you to tell us, in our latest TechWeekEurope Poll.


Who will own BlackBerry?

At one stage, China’s Lenovo was supposed to be interested in buying BlackBerry – then still known as RIM. At other times, possible buyers have included (apparently) Facebook and Microsoft. Google still has plenty of money after swallowing Motorola, why not put its name on the list too?

Meanwhile, Apple’s shareholders are urging it to spend its cash mountain on something – why not on a smartphone maker which currently seems to be more capable of innovation than Apple itself?

HP, you will remember, bought and killed the once-mighty Palm. We really don’t like to entertain this nightmare, but who is to say Meg Whitman will not do the same to BlackBerry?

In this game of fantasy acquisitions, the field is wide open – and we welcome other suggestions.

On the other hand, though, what if the company’s turnaround proves a success? We also offer the option that BlackBerry could still be independent this time next year.

Who will own BlackBerry in 2014?

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