Norton Releases Free iAntivirus App For Macs

On demand scanning, speed and Facebook protection offered by security app

Norton has announced the release of iAntivirus, a free security application that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

The app is currently available to Mac users in the UK, US and Australia and promises on-demand protection and powerful system scanning for malware and viruses.

False sense of iSecurity

On Demand scanning allows users to choose when and how they want to scan their system, whether it is a full system or scan or merely their home folder, while files can be dragged and dropped into thw software to check for malware.

The app has been designed for speed and also scans for Windows threats as well, to ensure that any documents shared are safe, says Norton. . iAntivirus will also scan Facebook walls to check for malicious links, viruses and scams.

Norton says that the product will hopefully educate users who still believe that Macs are somehow immune to online threats, adding that no platform is completely protected.

“The Apple platform has a reputation for being safer than others, but we know that no platform is immune from attack,” said Norton Internet Safety Advocate Marian Merritt. “Online threats have become a real concern for Mac users, and trusted security software like Norton’s free iAntivirus app can help users identify and remove malware and viruses before they become bigger issues.”

Apple was widely criticised for its delayed reaction to the Flashback virus earlier this year, which at its peak infected more than 600,000 machines. Apple was also guilty of acting too late to the MacDefender malware last year, waiting several days before issuing guidance against infection.

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