North Korea: US Is Hacking Us

North Korea is up in arms about alleged cyber attacks coming from America, alleging the US and South Korea are collaborating to disrupt the nation’s Internet.

A “powerful” attack was said to have taken out a number of services in North Korea, according to Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency. One of those reportedly affected was the KCNA news agency, which issued a vociferous response.

North Korea cyber threats

“It is nobody’s secret that the US and the South Korean puppet regime are massively bolstering up cyber forces in a bid to intensify the subversive activities and sabotages against the DPRK,” the state media body said.

“Intensive and persistent virus attacks are being made every day on internet servers operated by the DPRK.”

Tensions between North Korea and the US have escalated in recent weeks. The country pledged to tear up the peace deal which ended fighting with its southern neighbour in the 1950s, and threatened to launch a “pre-emptive nuclear attack” on the US and South Korea. North Korea carried out a nuclear weapons test, which landed it with sanctions from the UN.

North Korea has previously been accused of attacking others in cyber space, including strikes on South Korea which saw a state-run bank server hit in 2011, as well as distributed denial of service strikes on a number of websites. But North Korea claims the South is only trying to stir up a conspiracy by lying about attacks.

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Thomas Brewster

Tom Brewster is TechWeek Europe's Security Correspondent. He has also been named BT Information Security Journalist of the Year in 2012 and 2013.

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