Nokia Tells Critics Better 3G Netbooks Are Coming


Booklet 3G is just the first in a line, says exec in heated Nokia forum

Nokia has hinted that better versions of its recently-launched Booklet 3G are in the pipeline, in an online forum where the first device has had heavy criticism.

The Booklet 3G, launched in August was criticised on  Nokia’s blog, where comments pointed to limitations. A response from the Nokia team has said that the Booklet is a “great first product” and criticisms are being noted for future products.

The response, signed “John”, may be from John Hwang, the head of Nokia’s laptop business, according to the NokNok blog.

While some have expressed surprise that Nokia is using Windows, instead of Linux, and expressed surprise at its €575 price, the comments on the Nokia blog have concentrated on particular hardware shortcomings:

  • the Intel Atom Z processor requires the device to have soldered RAM that cannot be upgraded, leaving it fixed at only 1GB
  • it has a 120G hard drive, not solid state

The response from Nokia reads

‘Great feedback here! Thanks! As you may imagine, balancing portability, power, performance, price and whatever other “p” you can think of to build a winning product is as much art as science.

While we think we have a great first product (and hope you try it and agree), I would be the first to admit that we can do more. So rest assured that your input has been duly noted, and we will do our best to live up to your expectations. Please keep the suggestions coming.

Best Regards, John’

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